Our School - Junior School

Kinder - Year 6

Junior School provides a creative, engaging and nurturing environment for students to grow while exploring the world from a Christian perspective.  

Teachers encourage cooperation, teamwork and provide leadership opportunities while supporting those students that need extra help.  There is a daily focus on Bible Study, Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education and Pastoral Care.

 An extensive Performing Arts program enables all students the opportunity to be involved with choir performances, band and instrument tuition and drama productions.

As students progress through the Junior School they are able to participate in a range of activities and initiatives which promote and encourage their individual God given talents and skills. These include leadership development, community service with the elderly and specific charity/mission support.

We aim to nurture and encourage a Biblical worldview which becomes the student’s foundation for all future decisions, actions, learning and relationships. A key element of this process is the importance of the supportive partnership between home and school. When students, parents and teachers engage with each other in a Christ centred manner the school community is affirmed and strengthened for God’s Glory.  For a visual overview of our Junior school, click here.

For more information please refer to our Junior School Handbook and  Parent Handbook.