Our School - History

Launceston Christian School opened its doors in 1976 with 37 students and two teachers. Today, more than 650 students attend and 93 staff are employed at the school.

The school was formed through the vision of the Reformed Church for Christian Education to be taught in Launceston.  An association known as the 'Association for Christian Parent Controlled Schools (Launceston)' was established in1965, with planning undertaken to establish a school that would assist parents with their God-given responsibility to educate their children in the ways of the Lord.  Association families donated money over a period of 10 years to purchase land to build the school on.  

After it's opening on 14th February 1976, the school expanded to include High School in 1978 and has subsequently continued to be blessed by God to be a Kinder to Year 12 school.  In 2014 after a revised constitution was accepted the Association became known as 'Launceston Christian School (Inc).'

In 2016 the school celebrated its 40th Anniversary.