Our School - Middle School

Year 7 to 9

Middle School delivers a stimulating educational program where achievement in academic courses is positively balanced with social, emotional and spiritual growth.  There is also an emphasis on team work, meaningful pastoral care and fun.

Good Pastoral Care is foundational to promoting student well-being and subsequently assists scholastic achievement. In Middle School, the Class Teacher’s role is pivotal as they oversee, on a daily basis, the welfare of students in their Class Teacher group. Designated Pastoral Care periods assist students with organisational skills and personal development and provide opportunity for regular assemblies.

At Launceston Christian School we aspire to be mindful of our Biblical perspective and its relevance to teaching and learning in all subjects in the curriculum. In keeping with this perspective we strive to focus on each student’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social, aesthetic, and spiritual growth within the classroom and beyond.

The whole student management plan for Middle School consists of well defined steps and strategies, involving a range of staff support at the various levels. The success of student management at LCS is partly attributed to the very supportive relationship between school and home.  For a visual overview of our school, click here.

For more information please refer to our Middle School Handbook and Parent Handbook.