Enrolment - How do I enrol?

To enrol at the Launceston Christian School please follow these five steps:


  1. Download our Prospectus Booklet which will give you an overview of our school community. Also download a Family Application Form and Student Enrolment Application Form. See below for links to these documents.

  2. Complete a Family Application Form and Student Enrolment Application Form.  A separate Student Application Form must be filled in for each student.

  3. Attach a copy of your child's most recent reports and any medical/psychological/developmental assessments to the Student Enrolment From.  Proof of parent indentity is also required (see the Family Application Form for details)

  4. ALL ENROLMENTS require a copy of the student's Birth Certificate and immunisation record

  5. All forms need to be submitted to our Registrar at our school office before the enrolment process can begin.

After enrolment documentation has been received and processed, families will be invited to a Pre Enrolment Interview with the appropriate Head of School. Upon recommendation from the Head of School, a Formal Enrolment Interview will be scheduled with the Principal.

If an Offer of Enrolment is being extended to a family, it is subject to their acceptance of the Conditions of Enrolment and the Parent Partnership Agreement as per the downloadable sample below. Families who are interested in enrolling their children at LCS must familiarise themselves with these conditions and accept them before a child can start at school.

Please note:  A condition of enrolment is for parents to attend our New Parent Induction Course. Please refer to our New Parent Induction Course tab for more information.

Downloadable Forms and Information:

Prospectus Booklet

Family Application

Student Enrolment Application

Sample "Offer of Enrolment Form"

Enrolment Policy

Should you have any further queries about enrolment do not hesitate to contact our Registrar, Tanya Socorro on (03) 63272854 or email: socorrot@lcs.tas.edu.au