Enrolment - New Parent Induction Course

Our New Parent Induction Course is held once a term for new families enrolling at the school.

This is an opportunity to welcome you to the school community that you have chosen to partner with; sharing our Mission, Faith and explaining the benefits of Christian Schooling at the Launceston Christian School.  All new parents are expected to attend as this is a requirement of enrolment.

The course is led by our Principal and held on a Saturday morning in our school library from 9am - 1pm.  Parents are provided with light refreshments and freshly brewed coffee.

Dates for 2017 

Term 1 - Saturday 8th April
Term 2 - Saturday 1st July
Term 3 - Saturday 9th September
Term 4 - Saturday 18th November

Any new families who are interested in partnering with the school in the future, are welcome to attend an induction course prior to enrolment. Once an attendance certificate has been received, it can be attached to the enrolment documentation and thus meeting this particular requirement for enrolment.

For further information or to subscribe to a course, please contact our Registrar, Tanya Socorro on (03) 6327 2854 or email: socorrot@lcs.tas.edu.au